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Photo albums about human activities aroud Lake Biwa We have collected the pictures illustrating the environmental history of the interaction between man and lakes.
About copyrights
Unauthorized reproduction of the photographs, text, figures, and charts in this image database is forbidden.
All the copyrights and other ancillary rights pertaining to the contents and design of this image database, except as specified below, are reserved by the Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Musuem.
The copyrights and other ancillary rights pertaining to the photographs in this image database are reserved by the respective photographers, their heirs, or their assignees, except when such rights have been assigned to the Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum.
In order to use the photographs or data in this image database, appropriate procedures for license of copyrights and moral rights of authors/photographers must be followed.
Click here to ask about these procedures on a case-by-case basis.

About the standards for selecting images for this database
We have been compiling an image database to make public on the Lake Biwa Museum's web-site. It is meant to be as comprehensive as possible in illustrating the museum's theme of "Lakes and People", but in consideration of the increasing incidence of improper use and abuse of personal information on the web in recent years, we have altered our policies somewhat. We will no longer disclose image data containing personal information such as names and addresses in order to avoid possible inconvenience or harm to concerned individuals.
The standards for posting images and related data on the Lake Biwa Museum's web-site are thus revised as follows:
1) no images or data that provide any opportunity for improper use or abuseof personal information will be posted; and 2) no photographs that are judged to be injurious to the dignity of any person depicted in them, or which are likely to be injurious to prevailing moral standards, will be posted. Decisions about what to include in the web-site are made by an advisory board at the Lake Biwa Museum; however, please do not hesitate to inform us--click here--concerning any unsuitable content found in this image database. Please also click here to send us your general comments on the database; your feedback will help us make the database more complete and more useful.